Designing trends for Websites

If you are a Website designer or if you are simply a businessperson who designs your own Website, then knowing web design trends is a must. Every year websites tend to take on certain “looks” and the most popular of those looks catches on. Depending on your ability to work with Html and other codes, the level of sophisticated Website graphics you have on your site will vary.

It doesn't take much more than the scroll or click of a mouse to check out what types of Website trends are out there but one computer designer will see the trends differently than another designer.

For example suggested that longer Webpages would be the trend while suggested the trend was drifting away from that.

In perusing several Websites dedicated to predicting the trends, I found that a few actually agreed on where the Web was going by way of website design. You can read more here:

  • Increasing visitor interaction on pages.
  • More simple website layouts.
  • Setting up the site so that it works on multiple platforms such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Being more creative with fonts ad using bigger fonts, some with graphics in them.
  • Designing in more visuals and animations
  • More original sites not as many sites that mimic other sites or templates.
  • Using more Micro navigation for maneuvering from page to page.
  • Telling a story about what your service of page has to offer.
  • Utilizing attractive colors and dynamic backgrounds.

The web is filled is computer and design techs who have their opinion as to where they see trends going so the best way to get an idea is to go online, research and actually see for yourself what is trending. For more information visit the following site,