Pay Per Click Advertising Becomes Cheaper if You Know These 3 Things

Many business owners who choose to do pay per click advertising on Google simply end up losing lots of money. Costs per click can be pretty high, and to make things even more complicated, the Adwords system has a way of adjusting your bid prices - as if it has a mind of its own.

Actually, the Google Adwords algorithm studies the quality of your landing page, and depending on the quality of the page, the actual price you end up paying per click can vary substantially from the bid price you chose when you set up the advertisement. This is what you can do to lower your Google pay per click costs:

1. Set up your landing page as if you were doing normal SEO for it. Google measures the quality of pages the same way, regardless of whether you are getting free search engine traffic or paying for it. As such, ensure that your content is solid, and all your tags are in place. Lastly, ensure that the visitor encounters exactly what he or she clicked on the ad for. 

Click here to see how Google values the quality of landing pages.


2. When choosing the keywords or search terms for your pay per click campaign, explore as many related terms as possible. Always keep in mind that the more obscure the search term, the less you will pay for every click. Additionally, the more specific the keyword phrases you bid on, the more targeted your visitors will be.

For instance: Someone who searches for "SEO" may just be curious, or may want to learn about the subject, or may to hire a company to do it. if you bid on the keyword "SEO" you will show your ad to all of the above. On the other hand, if you place an ad that will appear when someone searches for "SEO company Atlanta", your ad will appear only to people who specifically need what you have to offer. 

This will reduce unwanted clicks, and people who do click on your ads will be more likely to make use of what you have to offer.

3. Use the wording of your ad to "filter" unwanted clicks, and once again you will end up with prospects who are more likely to become customers. Tell your potential prospect as much as possible in the allotted word count. 

For instance: You offer a diet program, but it is not cheap. As such, you can mention "professional weight loss product" in the text - or even the title of your ad. Let the visitor know that it is not a cheap solution, but he or she is more likely to get the desired result. By using the right wording, you can let people know if what you offer is definitely not what they are looking for, and save yourself money.

You may, however, want to be careful not to over-use this technique, because you will also be penalized if your click through rate is too low. Finding the balance may require some experimenting. 

Many people who attempted to use Google Adwords or Bing Ads for pay per click advertising have found themselves throwing money into a bottomless pit. In most cases, however, it is entirely possible to run profitable PPC campaigns if you know how to do it.