Social Media Automation

Social Media is just that- SOCIAL! With all the latest automation tools we are being bombarded with. You may be tempted to automate your Twitter and other social media fully. It sounds easy and is less time consuming to have tools send out pre-programmed tweets, or news feeds within your niche. However, by fully automating your systems, you may be missing gout on the massive success you could have by doing social media the right way. Social Media Automation

Most of us want to build a huge following that is of quality, and responsive to you, as you are in return. The truth is, there are no easy buttons to do it all, you must interact personally with people.

Nothing can replace real human interaction when it comes to building relationships online. Social media such as Twitter or Facebook or any and others are specifically designed for building relationships. You cannot build relationships by sending out streams of automated messages. You have to interact and talk to people. Ask questions, provide helpful information, get personal and let people know what you are all about. Only then will you build relationships, and that can lead to increased interest in YOU and what YOU are doing, promoting, or selling. An example of this using Twitter would be replying or retweeting other's tweets that you find helpful or interesting. Another example would be asking for help or ideas from your followers.

Don't be mistaken; there are tools to help you get the most quality out of your time! You just can't rely on automation 100% to get people to like you or be interested in you!

I have a twitter and a facebook. When I see post after post, or tweet after tweet. OR a bulk amount of tweets all at one time. It is obvious that is all automated. And, simply, I ignore all of it, just as you would ignore most commercials on the radio. This also illustrates why some people will have a huge following then it all drops off because people want to talk with people. And will unfollow full automation. It also relates to, putting effort or ideas into people, which give the same to you in return. I also end up unfollowing or deleting people that are automating responses to the message, with no personal touch. Remember, people like people! Social Media Integration

Much like tuning out a commercial on TV, 100% automation will give you the same results. Even help you lose your followers. So, how can automation help you may ask? Because it truly can be a real time saver when used correctly. You want first to find people like minded as you, or even in your same niche. Setting up a customized and limited set of messages that can be tweeted over time. Make sure they are a tad different and sharing different and interesting or helpful information. Another helpful tool is using Onlywire. This tool helps bookmark your content on several social bookmarking sites. But, before you set up any automation, ask yourself if you have more to gain on the task, by adding some personalization to it. Social Media Automation Software

Personally, I send out very few automated messages and use automation only for helping to build my following on Twitter. To be effective at building relationships via social media, it truly does not have to take a lot of time. I spend on average less than 1 hour per day on Facebook and Twitter combined. I could spend less, but I do also enjoy it. Social Media Automated Posting