Social Media Marketing – How to Increase Your Website Traffic With More Than Just SEO Techniques

As much as we can work on the best SEO techniques to improve the overall traffic on our website, social medias still represent one of the fastest and most effective ways to boost your internet visibility.

Social media marketing is in fact often vastly preferred to just SEO strategies to launch a site as soon as it goes online, and give it a good opportunity to grasp broader fan base with just a couple of simple contents like articles, pictures or videos. Many times a simple call to action like 'click here', 'go online', 'visit this site' or 'read more' is everything a person casually lurking on his Facebook feed needs to directly open your page and start browsing your site.

A good content will get shared many times by several users on a social media platform, and people who want to read more about that content will in turn increase your traffic. Sharing and commenting will keep the post up, so people will keep reading it as it becomes viral, and it’s quite easy for them to be convinced to visit this site just because everybody is talking about it. The “like” and “share” feature is a powerful mean to grab their attention, and maybe they will go online on your site not because they were genuinely interested in the first place, but only because they follow masses opinion.

Social media marketing can easily increase your traffic tenfold or even more, and as people read more and more of your content, your page will get more and more famous, and it will be much easier for you to convince them to “click here” and visit it. Just do not forget that much like SEO, social media marketing strategies require a proper planning and a long-term overview to be effective. Even if a million people go online on your site because of a cunning ruse, you need to give them quality if you want to keep a loyal fan base. Never forget that!